• We are a serious bunch of highly motivated resources – certified and experienced – and ever ready to drive results.
  • We are a team of Project managers, Quality professionals, and Software development experts with 10+ years of industry experience in handling end-to-end transitions, Process improvements, and Quality compliance workflows.
  • We are go-getters who can hit the road running for any of your project management needs.
  • We are new, young, and cannot afford to go wrong.

Our Vision:

To be a global “GO TO TEAM” that creates and manages workflows that are intuitive and self-evolving.

To be an organisation that nurtures change and provides fair working environment with unbiased opportunity to employees and help them reach their personal best.

Our Team:

The core team is made up of

  • Project Managers experienced in IT and non-IT projects
  • Experienced developers with a passion for developing user friendly and efficient software
  • Trained and certified ISO Auditors
  • Trained Business and Financial Analysts
  • Professional English, German, and French experts

Most of our Project managers are certified PMP and Black belt six sigma professionals.

Our organisation is guided by senior professionals and advisors with more than 25 years of work experience. Our core team is young with high energy level and with an average industry experience of about 10 years.

Our Location:

Our registered office is in Chennai, India, and we are flexible with our work locations when it comes to catering to our client needs. We are open to travelling and working onsite as per project requirements.