Outsourcing is one of the key ways for companies to drive business growth and innovation. Global companies have embraced this for both their front and back office workflows. The key to success in such scenarios, however, is the ability to control the quality, delivery and cost of the outsourced work. Doing it offshore is a challenge that needs to be tackled effectively.

Our BPO Services team caters to the needs of outsourcing organisations by taking up the responsibility of managing Client’s outsourced projects on their behalf and ensure that the Client gets the maximum benefit of the process transfer to an offshore location.

Supplier/Vendor Partner Management

Our Project Managers work as your representatives and manage your projects, ensuring that your vendor services are as per your project requirements. We assist, manage and control your processes at your vendor locations and ensure that projects are implemented as per your project specifications. We will be your procurement controllers who would monitor and control the product and process for compliance with the requirements. Our local presence gives us leverage to be on Vendor premises and provide you with an unbiased, first hand overview of how your work is being carried out.

Supplier Quality Assurance


Quality assurance is very much part of our integrated services. We shall ensure that the vendor processes are carried out exactly as per your business requirements. In other words, you can have your Quality Assurance Representatives on Vendor location at a lower cost. In addition to this, we offer to provide Continuous Process Improvement Services by our process re-engineering experts who will evaluate and suggest process improvements for your workflows which in turn results in reduced cost and effective workflow.