Our business process excellence services provide you with leverage to improve your productivity, cycle time and quality to achieve better return of investment, cost reduction, and quality of service.

We will help you to identify and remove unproductive and Non-value added activities. Our team shall guide you to implement more cost-effective and efficient processes. We will guide you to redesign your business process to achieve better efficiency and quality. We shall also suggest improvements in data dissemination, reporting and decision-making and point out challenges related to your organisational layers and help in identifying solutions to tackle the same.

Six sigma and lean Projects

Any chronic organisational challenge that does not have a known solution is handled as a six sigma project, which is a structured methodology to improve the process in a sustainable way. Our project managers use DMAIC approach to define the issue at hand, measure the current system, analyse the issue via statistical means and improve the process by reducing variation and defects in the system. Operational excellence is achieved by identifying and improving processes that cause maximum impact. This structured approach of reducing defects in the system helps organisations in finding solutions for problems, which otherwise would create chronic issues undermining the organisational performance.

Our lean methodology effectively identifies waste in the system and ensures that the process does not carry any unwanted efforts.

Benchmarking and Process improvement

Our functional and process benchmarking services provide the insight needed to

  • Evaluate performance with respect to business value/strategy
  • Identify and quantify process improvement opportunities
  • Develop a factual basis for prioritizing improvements and driving business changes

We use both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to gain insight and help you take appropriate action to improve your process