Today, both the well-settled companies as well as the start-ups are racing against and among each other. Though they are well-facilitated certain times they find themselves in the middle of nowhere when a balance of cost, quality, time and results is expected.

Organisations involved in multi-location or multi-cultural teams perform well under trained Project managers who possess the requisite skill, knowledge, and attitude to deliver results. The availability of skilled personnel plays a key role in managing projects successfully and it is one of the key challenges that organisations face constantly. GritToWin attempts to bridge the need of trained project managers through its Project management Services, which are tailor-made for every client for managing their projects or programs. Our team of experienced project managers become part of the client’s Project management team and assist, advice, or lead the in-house project management activities as per the client requirements. Our services include but are not limited to Requirements analysis, Project selection, Project requirements finalisation, Scheduling, Costing, Risk analysis, Recruitment planning, Communication planning, Stakeholder management, Documentation etc.

Our team is skilled in the use of various project management tools including Microsoft Project, Visio, Minitab etc. We work with global project management standards like PMBOK and ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget fulfilling the scope of the work required to be completed.

End-to-end Project Management

Our end-to-end project management services start from project initiation to closure and do not just stop with just management advice. In other words, we work along with your team to plan, execute, monitor and control and bring the project to a successful closure after ensuring that the stakeholders are fully satisfied with the results. Innovating workflows and simplifying complex systems to enhance the business capability are part of the E2E services. Our Project management methodology follows global project management guidelines to ensure that the tools and techniques are understood by both the client and the supplier.

When it comes to project transitions, we take complete ownership for transitioning projects from Initiation to closure and handover to the offshore teams post sign off from key stakeholders. While working as part of our clients in-house team, we undertake the task of training the internal team in the Project management best practices ensuring that the projects are handled in a meticulous and efficient manner even when our Project managers hand over the work to the business-as-usual teams

As part of Project management services, we create and deliver comprehensive documentation that includes all knowledge areas of project management i.e. Scope, Cost, Time, Quality, Human resources, communication, Risk and Procurement management and Stakeholder management.

Program Management

Program management is a specialized skill required to manage a group of related projects in order to obtain benefits, which are normally not realized if projects are managed independently. GritToWin’s Program management services provide seasoned professionals who are experts in focussing on the projects interdependencies to help the organisation reap collective benefits. Our Program managers will function as your key personal to ensure that the overall goals, benefits, schedules and budget of the programs are met.

Training and documentation

Our training and documentation services support organisations in developing and maintaining well-organized workflow documents that illustrates processes in a detailed and accurate manner. We support organisations to leverage the power of knowledge management and to empower their employees. We create content for User Guides, online help, and support and training guides with inputs from SMEs.

Project risk management

Identifying potential risks and evaluating and managing their impact on the project, is one of our sought-after services. We support in the creation of risk mitigation plan to eliminate or minimize the impact of risks. Risk identification will be handled by our SMEs who will help you understand the source of potential technical, cost, schedule, client, contractual, financial, people and environmental risk and create a Risk breakdown structure and help you to create a mitigation/contingency plan for handling potential risk.