We support and guide organisation to create and manage quality and information security management system to ensure organisations processes are on par with internationally recognised quality and information security standards.

We provide compliance guidelines and management support for all regulatory obligations that are required for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. Our solutions will take care of

  • Maintaining company policies, manuals, and documentation in a single repository
  • Targeting delivery of information to the right people at the right time
  • Notifying and educating staff when policies are published or updated and ensuring that staff read and acknowledge the policies
  • Providing audit trail for managers and directors
  • Creating reports on results in real time
  • Training staff on quality and information security practices
  • Handling external audit and certification process

ISO 9001 – Quality management

Our team of experts support/manage Internal Audit, Documentation and Process management for BPO/KPO organisations for ISO 9001 certification requirements.

ISO 27001 – Information security management

We support or manage Internal Audit, Documentation, BCP, and business risk for information security management certification requirements for BPO/KPO organisations.

Risk Management

Our risk management services help organisations to identify and manage the inherent Operational and Project risks. We focus on assessing the key risk areas listed below and provide integrated risk management solutions as per global best practice standards.

Security risk

  • Network security
  • Physical security
  • Personnel security
  • Business continuity planning and disaster recovery
  • People risk
  • Lack of training
  • Inadequacy of HR framework
  • Lack of staff monitoring
  • Poor incident management framework

Financial risk

Governance and compliance risk

  • IT governance and compliance
  • Contract risk

Business continuity planning and management

Our BCP management service is tailor made to suit the client requirements. Our solutions cater for entire business continuity requirements or for specific phases or divisions of the business. Our BCP management services involve analysing/assessing the existing BCP process, reviewing policies and plans, assessing risk and threat and conducting business impact analysis based on industry best practices and standards. This service includes design and development of a customized Business continuity/Disaster recovery plan that outlines the people, processes, and technologies required to recover and continue your critical business functions after a business interruption or disaster.