Our services include statistical data analysis, data compilation, data enhancement and enrichment. We cater to our client’s data requirement by working offline using customized data-processing software or by directly updating their databases by accessing them through secured network. We cater to the data processing needs of Healthcare, Logistics, Insurance and B2B data providers.

Data Services

Our team of data experts provide services by

  • Creating structured data from unstructured texts.
  •  Working with different input sources to create consolidated data to update and maintain client’s database with latest input
  • Validating data by verification with authentic sources, ensuring its quality and reliability.

Our services include statistical data analysis, data compilation and enhancement using customised data analysis techniques.

  • Interpreting data statistically to provide reports for data based decision making.
  • Creating structured data from unstructured social media content.
  • Aggregating data from  different  sources to create consolidated reports for meeting the data needs of our clients

Our capability includes working with documents in German and French in addition to English and meeting the stringent quality standards required by outsourcing organizations.

Software Tools for BPO process

Our team of software developers work closely with SMEs and clients to develop Tools as per project and client needs. We develop custom made software to cater to individual project needs and make sure that the software is user friendly and efficient. We cater to satisfy the requirements ranging from simple web mining software to complex data-processing and Management information systems.

Documentation Services

Our documentation services include preparing process documentation, creating comprehensive documentation for project management, preparing compliance documentation, creating workflows and providing document management services with version control. We support in creating and managing document Archive, creating company policies and procedures and creating risk management documents. We also provide document auditing services to ensure compliance as per requirement